About us

Lifting Our Values is a 501 c 3 non-profit origination doing business under For the Love of God, Inc.

Lifting Our Values strongly hears the call from God to save souls by going into the world and proclaiming the Gospel with the true Words of Everlasting Life so God can use us to save the souls of His children.

Our purpose is to provide all of God’s disciples, who wish to serve God and save souls, with the materials needed to go out into the world and inspire and educate those, who have ears to hear, with clear, easy to understand materials so they may hear God calling them to repent and change their life to live for the love of God alone.

Most of God’s children, even among Christians, have never been shown the true Way to Eternal Life. Lifting Our Values is here to fill that gap and provide anyone with the means to deliver successful evangelization to the lost sheep.

God desires us to┬ápreach and live the Word to help move souls towards the path of Love. But now we can do even more and leave a lasting Word–Lifting Our Values products–with others so God can continue to soften hearts and enlighten their minds to the truth in order to motivate His children to change and live the Word.

Lifting Our Values is nothing but dust compared to the Holy Mother Church of God and if anything on our site, through ignorance, is in error, please forgive our naivety. We don’t intend to deviate in any way from the sound doctrine of the Catholic Church Catechism written by its saints.