What greater gift is there than give someone the gift of knowledge of how to obtain salvation?

  • Need to give a gift to someone who already has everything?
  • Want to use your money well during this time of giving?

Lifting Our Values goes out to the needy, who very much want to be saved and we teach them The Way. We distribute Bibles, rosaries, and educational materials, so they can be awakened to their need for a saving faith and learn how to seek God for mercy to change their heart and grow into a faith that can accept God’s saving forgiving mercy He died to give them.

But these materials are expensive… yet, so worth it. For they save souls. However, with your help, you can make a HUGE impact and help us to save the life of one of God’s beloved children.

Any donation to Lifting Our Values is most needed and will go towards the production and free distribution our life saving materials to the needy.