Your contribution will help us and others


An endless amount of people await the true words of everlasting life to be preached to them. Lifting Our Values sends materials across the globe, to all walks of life—even the poorest, smallest villages in Africa where much poverty exists. Unfortunately, because of the great distance, the shipping winds up costing more than the products. But how can we refuse to help the neediest among us? We NEED your help!

If you could please sacrifice and deny yourself some of the non-essential things you spend money on, and donate it to the mission, we will use it to help others get the educational and inspirational materials they need. Then God can work wonders and enlighten countless souls of the requirements of salvation and the need for His saving mercy that awaits them.


God is waiting for us to go out and serve Him. Every church would benefit immensely by providing its people—both in and out of the Church—with materials that teach others how to obtain a life of great joy here on Earth and eternal life in Heaven. This is the Church’s (our) calling. Time is of the essence. People are living in terrible misery and dying every day. God is calling us to show them the way to Heaven.

Many people desire to distribute Lifting Our Values materials, so they can bring others knowledge of how to obtain salvation, but they aren’t blessed with the financial means necessary to fulfill God’s will for them. But since we are all one body in Christ, we—who have more—are most needed to assist with those who have less. God will abundantly bless those of us who have a little extra and are willing to sacrifice some of our worldly pleasures, and give of our blessings to help those who can’t, to provide materials needed to be true disciples and go out to the whole world and proclaim the Gospel that saves. Without true Christian generosity, we would not be able to provide the neediest among us with the words of everlasting life.

Please pray, ask Our Lord if He wills you to help save souls and if it is God’s will, become a monthly supporter (or make any contribution). As we know, “sacrifices are pleasing to God” (Hebrews 13:16), surely our Love will bless you as the Word says, “one who sows [gives] bountifully will also reap [receive] bountifully (2 Corinthians 9:6). You’ll also be placed on our prayer list and be prayed for daily We will also send you our free newsletter, which shows how you can go out and encourage others to live the Word, and how you can allow God to work through you from home and own neighborhood to save souls.

Just think how many souls could be saved if those who are blessed by God to be able to hear (the need to repent and change) would give from their heart, with their time and resources, to help with the discipleship of countless souls who need God’s life saving messages. Many people and churches wish to distribute our products but sadly they are so impoverished and cannot afford the very materials that will make a lasting impression for the encouragement and enlightenment of many.

Your contribution will make a huge difference, as Lifting Our Values only has a few people who donate regularly. We need many monthly supporters in order to have the resources needed to continuously help those who want to become active disciples of Christ, but simply don’t have the financial means to do so. Please make this sacrifice for God, so He can work wonders through your support for the salvation of souls. God’s heart will surely be delighted because of your love for His children.

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