Lifting Our Values is Calling All People to Join Us in Serving God and Saving Souls…

There is a GREAT LACK OF DISCIPLES spreading the correct Words of Eternal Life. Oh, there are plenty of people doing good works, but we have forgotten about the most important work, THE SALVATION OF SOULS. We can love and feed the poor, we can save all of the babies and end every injustice there is, but all will be in vain, if the souls we are helping do not have eternal life after they die. Therefore, we must incorporate giving people knowledge of how to obtain salvation in all we do.

God wants us to awaken souls to their need to be saved (changed) by Him. He wants us to teach souls how to accept His transforming grace, so we can stop living our live for no purpose and grow into a saving faith of true love for Him and true contrition for our sins. Then we can have real hope of embracing God’s forgiving saving mercy He died to give us.

Therefore, we must teach souls what rejects that mercy and what embraces it. Oh, the need it so great! Most don’t know The Way to a saving faith. Most do not even know we need one. We are living in the time of great darkness and are utterly blind. We need souls to enlighten the world to our need for our Savior.

With your help, God can use us to awaken souls to their need to seek Jesus to save them.

We would like you to join our missionaries and go out into the world to proclaim the most needed life saving messages of the Gospel and help really save souls?

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God is calling out to you to save the souls of His beloved children.

“[We] should know that whoever brings back a sinner from the error of his way will save his soul from death and will cover a multitude of sins” (James 5:20). This is what the saints have done; now it is time for us to do the same.

Lifting Our Values has materials you can distribute to parishioners, neighbors, colleagues, family, friends, etc., that provide instructions on how to help people of almost no faith, to those who are greatly faithful but still don’t quite know the Way to obtain Salvation. These materials are available in multiple languages, and can be the voice proclaiming the Word to God’s children. They are waiting to hear God’s call for them to change their lives and live for Him alone, so they can obtain a life of great joy and eternity in Heaven.

Click here to to join our missionaries and receive a FREE sample of many of our most popular life saving materials and become a true disciple of Christ and allow God to save souls through you.

However, before you start, if you intend on talking, there are some requirements. But, if you only desire to hand out materials without having God use your words to help, then you do not need to fulfill the following requirements, but if you want God to use your words, then you need to be able to accept His grace for Him to do that. Therefore, please go to the following page to learn how to save souls.