God Wants You In Heaven
missionary card


3.5″ x 2″ missionary card

1+ 10+ 50+ 100+ 500+ 1000+
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1 for $0.15 10 for $1.30 50 for $5 100 for $8 500 for $30 1000 for $40


God expects us to “go into the whole world and proclaim the gospel” (Mark 16:15) that saves. That is His command. These little cards can help us do that and will direct others to the information they need to obtain knowledge of how to obtain salvation.

Most of the time, because of our pride, people respond much more favorably to direction and correction in the written word rather than the spoken word to them especially if the written word isn’t directed directly towards them personally. Therefore make a commitment to obey Him and serve God by working for the salvation of souls and go out to your church, neighborhood…anywhere and give these cards out to all. Then God, who He wills to touch their hearts with a desire to know the Way, will have a place they can easily find the truth that saves so they can repent and change.

3.5″ x 2″ missionary card (business card)


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missionary card

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