Sacrament of Confession
educational cards

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This sacrament, which Jesus said to St. Faustina, “there the GREATEST miracles take place” (Diary #1448), is God’s great act of mercy to our horribly sinful souls, but few of us know of its blessing or even participate in it to receive God’s grace. Enlighten others to God’s gifts He wishes to give us through Confession and help save lives.

Sacrament of Confession
Be Reconciled
with God
The way to a
life of peace!
“Rather, it is your crimes [sins] that separate you from your God. It is your sins that make him hide his face so that he does not hear you.” (Isaiah 59:2)
The Blessing from Confession
Forgiveness of All Sins
(Mt 1:21; 1 John 1:9; John 20:23)
Perfect forgiveness of our sins is available for those of us who are either with venial sins or deserving of Hell from rejecting God’s mercy by choosing to love any of our sins over God. For us who have imperfect or perfect contrition (sorrow) for ALL of our sins, whether they are mortal or venial, God sends His forgiving mercy through the hands of His priests to restore those outside of grace back into the saving grace they received at baptism. What Mercy!
God’s Divine Mercy and Grace(Lam 3:22; CCC #1451)
We must love God enough to hate ALL our sins in order to not reject God’s saving mercy. However, many of us have not grown enough in our faith to where we sincerely desire to stop each and every sin, but if we have imperfect or perfect sorrow for at least ONE SIN, we won’t have our sins forgiven in confession, but wonderfully we will receive an ABUNDANCE OF ACTUAL GRACE—not saving grace— but God’s help, to move our soul to become truly sorry for every sin, so we will desire to become a saint. Through this sacrament, there is so much grace available to assist us in accomplishing the goal of obtaining eternal life. God’s grace helps us gain knowledge of our sins, strengthens us to avoid sin, moves us into greater contempt (hatred) for our sins, and increases our desire to “sin no more.” This unfathomable grace gives us greater peace and hope for salvation.
A Life of Happiness is waiting for You.
“Salvation is therefore and above all redemption from sin.”  Pope St. John Paul II

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educational cards

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