Want a Life of Peace
rack card

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4 x 9 rack card


There is a world of hurting souls looking for God’s love. God’s children are crying out in pain and simply don’t know what to do to end the despair they feel. This card is simple and can bring someone hope that there is the possibility for change. The basic outline God gives us to obtain His life of peace is clearly written for anyone to follow so God can continue to guide them along His Way.
Want a Life of Peace?
Perfect Peace Can be Yours
Learn how to properly love God and receive great peace in return.

  • Desire to Change
  • Pray Daily
  • Read God’s Instructions
    (learn the Word)
  • Grow in Self-Knowledge
    (examine your conscience to learn where you aren’t living the Word)
  • Make Resolutions to
    Change from Your Sins (sin
    offends God and pushes away His grace–His help–from your life)
  • Confess Your Sins to a
    Priest with Actual Sorrow
    (despise offending God and resolve to sin no more)
  • Receive Grace and Grow
    in Peace (repeat these steps and work towards greater and greater perfection)


Great peace have those who love [obey] your law; nothing can make them stumble [despair].”
Psalm 119:165
[We are] in peace, because of our trust in you [that whatever you allow to happen, no matter how big or small (our cross), will lead us to a life and eternity of peace if we believe].”   Isaiah 26:3
Gods Love for us is unfathomable. He pines for us to be with Him in heaven and to bring us a life of wonderful peace but unless we change to follow Him, by living His Word, we will miss all that He promises us. Everything is waiting for us, we just need to repent and change.
The peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard [remain in] your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus [when we follow Him].”           Philippians 4:7


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rack card

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