Why We Wear Ashes
educational card


4″ x 3″ educational card

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Ash Wednesday is a beloved tradition in the Church. People flock to church in order to receive their ashes. However, for most, they simply don’t know why they are receiving them.

While we have a captive audience desiring something unique and even “fun,” we can have them leave church with something they can continue to ponder over that will not only excite them but enlighten their minds to the realities of their mortality and their need to seek out God’s mercy during Lent.

Hand out our 4″ x 3″ educational cards and give your congregation the real message of Ash Wednesday, that they can ponder over, and hopefully God can move them to examine their lives more carefully and repent and change to live the Word, for a life and eternity of great joy.


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educational card

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