Halloween Glorifies Evil
educational card


3.5″ x 2″ inspirational/educational card

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When we think of the devil’s deceptions in our life, there are countless ways we don’t love God by our actions but have convinced ourselves it is no big deal. Adoring Halloween, which is now highly entwined in the glorification of evil, is one of the big deceptions of the devil. Decorating our houses and bodies with things to bring fear or play fun with evil can’t be further away from good or holy. Yet, we have allowed the devil to darken our minds, and we see Halloween as just innocent fun. And it, along with countless of other sinful things we do, that are outside of holiness, seem real fun too, but they aren’t in God’s eyes. When we choose things opposed to holiness, we wound Our Lord’s Sacred Heart whom we should be loving.
However, for those who have been given the grace to see that Halloween is now rooted in the glorification of evil, we can see evil is being glorified through house upon house across the country. Yet tragically, even for those who have been enlightened to the truth, we stay mute. As a result, we continue to watch this holiday, that wounds Our Lord, grow through neighborhoods, theme parks, communities, and even churches. But we can easily “Go into the whole world and proclaim the gospel” (Mark 16:15), by leaving these cards at your neighbors or neighborhood city council, in your church or with the parks and recreation management that participates or endorses Halloween. God can use this card to enlighten those cast into the darkness of error, so those, who want to please God, can repent and change and no longer support anything that doesn’t love God with all of their heart. Please remember to pray for those you give this card too so God can work through your works and prayers, as the power of prayer combined with our works make our works very effective.
3.5″ x 2″ inspirational/educational card (business card)
Halloween Glorifies Evil
Why are we doing this?
Halloween Glorifies Evil
Innocent dress up & candy can be ok, but using ghosts, demons, or scary things for entertainment is opposed to holiness & offensive to God. We can obey God & love Our Lord more than the devil’s deception of “fun.”
“Be holy yourselves in all your conduct.” 1 Peter 1:15


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educational card

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