Make Everything a Sacrifice
Our Lady of Fatima
sticky note reminders


25 – 3″ x 3″ sticky note reminders
with explanation of the wonders of sacrificing


What wonderful direction the Blessed Mother offers us to guide us to eternal life! She mentions the greatest necessities we need to change in our life to obtain the kingdom of heaven for us and the world. And this message is one of her messages we could always use a reminder for so as to live it and not fall prey to all of the distractions (worldly pleasures) which keep us from truly loving/serving God.

  • 25 – 3″ x 3″ sticky note reminders
  • explanation of the wonders of sacrificing

“Make everything you can a sacrifice” Our Lady of Fatima
“If anyone wishes to come after me [to go to heaven], He MUST deny himself [avoid worldly pleasures],
pick up his cross daily [don’t complain or worry-trust] and follow Me [live My Word].” Luke 9:23

Place these reminders anywhere you might need encouragement to turn away from the “best” things in life and focus on building up treasures in heaven.
As the Blessed Mother tells us such sacrifices are to atone for our sins (pay our punishment due-send grace) and console (comfort) our Lord “Who is already so much offended” by our sins. Sacrifices are just wonderful, as they prove our love by our willingness to “lay down our life” (sacrifice our will) for another, just like Jesus did. Of course, sacrificing must be done from a heart of love for God with great sorrow for offenses committed against Him. Any bitterness, resentment or behaviors that aren’t loving, which are associated with any sacrifice, won’t atone for anything. Sacrificing must be done with, through, and for God. We can sacrifice countless things like: delicious food, doing what we want, recognition, comfort, relaxation, nice clothes or things…really any indulgence should be abolished as it was fitting for the saints and shows our great love for God. Much grace is sent for the salvation of souls when we are willing to suffer for the love of God.

Saint Catherine of Sienna says, “The more they have scorned pleasure and been willing to suffer, the more they have lost suffering and gained pleasure.”

Some people will choose to obey God and His Mother with out question and would love this reminder, but there are others, who have some issues with pride, and won’t obey unless they understand why sacrifices are essential. Therefore, for those who “must” know why sacrifices are necessary, in order follow the Mother of God, or for anyone who simply would like to understand more clearly the need and blessings from this wonderful way to love God, with each purchase is enclosed a simple explanation of the wonders of sacrificing.


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Our Lady of Fatima
sticky note reminders

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