Killing Babies should be an Illegal Choice
medium car magnet



Car magnets impact 1,000’s and you never have to say a word. Allow God to speak through you, apply one of our messages of love and truth to your car and help save lives and transform hearts.

7″ x 12″ car magnet

This beautiful magnet has a wonderful message that is hard to disagree with, yet it isn’t pondered by most. Enlighten and inspire…God can use you to change the world.

FYI: car magnets which are seldom removed during normal washing periods of one’s car can, if under great sun exposure, adhere permanently to a car. To avoid such issue, please periodically lift from surface of the car to break any possible bond.

p.s. Remember God uses car magnets best when the user is praying for everyone who sees the magnet.


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medium car magnet

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