Live for the Lord
prayer card


4″ x 6″ inspirational prayer card

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4 x 6 prayer card
May I live for the Lord.
May I live for His Holy name.
May every thought be that of Him.
May I rejoice in my suffering for
His Glorious Name.
May I work in perfect splendor with
His perfect will He has prepared for me.
May I sing songs of great joy to the
Lord for He has done great things through me.
So weak and sinful, yet the Lord uses me,
His humble servant to do His great deeds.
I’m nothing without the Lord;
He is everything good in me.
My life has proven how useless and
wretched I am without the Lord, my God,
moving my hand.
May I desire nothing of this earth but
crave only to please the Lord above all.
May I not fall into the clutches of the evil one
though the temptations are great;
for the Lord is my strength and
He strengthens His faithful servant.
With courage I serve and diligence I persist;
for the Lord is my everything.


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prayer card

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