Why Jesus Died for Our Sins


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Why did Jesus die for our sins?



Why did Jesus have to die for our sins, is a question that most people are baffled over. Most understand that Jesus is their Savior, and that He died for their sins, but they simply don’t know what that really means. This brochure will educate and enlighten someone to a more complete understanding of the sacrifice and blessing that comes from the cross of Christ.
3.75″ x 8.5″ brochure tri-fold 100lb glossy paper

Why did Jesus have to die for our sins?
“He is the atoning sacrifice
for our sins, and not for ours
only but also for the
sins of the whole world”
1 John 2:2
Our perfectly divine, most wonderful Lord chose to leave heaven, where He lived alongside God the Father, and elected to become man—His own creation. Through loving obedience, of His own free will, He came to live among us at the request of the Father, and gave His body up to suffer all of the effects of sin that man suffers from the consequence of Adam and Eve’s sin. Jesus willingly bore all of our weaknesses and temptations that we experience, and became sin out of great love for us. “For our sake he [the Father] made him [Jesus] to be sin who did not know sin, so that we might become the righteousness of God in him [Jesus]” (2 Cor 5:21).
Jesus became our sin so it could be nailed to the cross and die. Jesus won the battle over sin, by taking away the sins of the world, through His perfect, unblemished sacrifice. It was a sacrifice that was necessary, from God’s justice, to atone (pay the price) for the sins of the world because of the devastating offense against God’s perfect love for us.
This horrid sin—original sin—resulting from the punishment of Adam and Eve’s sin, which severed our relationship with God keeping all of mankind out of heaven, was destroyed. A bridge was made between God and man, and that bridge is now Jesus. Jesus is the source of eternal life for all who truly believe.
Because of Jesus’ suffering, death, and resurrection, the free gift of salvation is available to everyone through the healing waters of baptism which forgives and atones—sanctifies the soul—of all sins committed before baptism. Yet, God’s gift to mankind did not end with baptism. If it did, almost nobody would be saved, as a soul who sins after baptism loses sanctification and is no longer pure.
Everyone who sins mortally after baptism loses not only their sanctity, they push away their amazing gift of saving grace, leaving them self unable to enter into heaven unless that grace is restored. Since nothing impure can enter into heaven, the soul needs to regain purity by having true sorrow for their sins. However, loving God properly, in order to be truly sorry for our offenses committed against Him is hard to do. God wants to help us, to show us and to teach us what is necessary to obtain the sorrow that we need to embrace God’s love and not reject it through our sins because “those who do such things [commit mortal sin] will not inherit the kingdom of God” (Gal 5:19-21).
Jesus didn’t just give us the gift of baptism, then leave us to manage for ourselves. No, He became the Way, to eternal life. Jesus—the Word made flesh—is the Way we need to follow to learn how to end our life of sin, so we may regain the saving grace we lost through our personal offenses against God.
Not only did Jesus send us His Word to teach us how to live, so we can properly learn how to love Him and regain our sanctifying grace, He also established His Church to guide us to the Way. Through the Apostle Peter—the first pope— Jesus established the Holy Catholic Church and all of the sacraments of the Church for us partake in. When we open up our hearts, through the sacraments, we can receive additional grace to move our souls towards obtaining the true sorrow we need for all of our offenses committed against Our Beloved Creator.
When we finally find true contrition (sorrow), from our great love for God because we sincerely detest all of our sins and whole heartedly resolve to sin no more, we will be forgiven of every trespass and sanctifying grace will be restored, for a life of peace and to be in God’s great mercy at the hour of our death, so we can spend all eternity loving Him in Paradise.
Inside Flap:
The suffering Jesus chose to undergo was solely to prove His infinite love for every single human being. “God proves his love for us in that while we were still sinners Christ died for us” (Romans 5:8). The slightest injury to God’s perfect immaculate being would have been enough to forgive and atone for all of the World’s sins. However, God allowed such torment to inflict His body for each sin we chose to inflict against Him. He chose to die a horrible, agonizing death to prove His love for us, as the more someone is willing to suffer for someone else, the more they show their love by their actions. And He proved His love by enduring indescribable anguish caused by His very own children—us.
What more proof do we need that God loves us? We need to TRUST IN HIM and realize that whatever He allows to happen in our life, no matter how big or small the cross is, it is allowed by God, who not only loves us but greatly wants to guide us in every circumstance away from our sin, which hurts God and us, towards a life of peace and eternal joy. Therefore, no matter what occurs, even if we can’t understand why such an event has happened, trust God will make it good if we patiently pray, and look for His guidance to guide us to His peace and teach us everything we need to do so we can follow His Way to eternal life.
Precious Blood of Jesus Christ
save us and the whole world
Lamb of God, Who takes
away the sins of the world
have mercy of us
For the sake of His sorrowful
passion, have mercy on us
and on the whole world
Hail, O Cross, our only hope
“If anyone wishes to come after me [to go to heaven],
He MUST deny himself [avoid worldly pleasures],
pick up his cross daily [don’t complain or worry-trust] and
follow Me [live My Word].” Luke 9:23


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