Don’t do it!
sticky note reminders


25 – 3″ x 3″ sticky note reminders


This sticky note might seem odd, but it is something we all need…help and encouragement. God, His Mother, His angels and saints are always helping us, if we want it, and if we could hear them talking to us, we would hear them tell us to stop many of the things we want to do since they are sinful. How many of the saints had God tell them, “if you don’t stop your sinful ways you will die” or at the very least heard God tell them how much injury their sins were causing Him. And yet, because we do so much “good” and have allowed the devil to trick us by our pride, we think we hardly sin. Truly, we have many many sins, just like the saints had, and if we want to someday truly love God, we need to work towards removing all of them too. We need to open up our minds to know our sinfulness and to hear God, His Mother and His saints speaking to our hearts too. We also need to awaken our conscience which is speaking to us so we can more clearly obtain the encouragement we need to gain the discipline necessary to just “say no” to many of the sinful choices we make over and over again.

Sure most of the time our lack of discipline and fervent desire to amend is from not understanding the real consequences of sin, because if we really know the horror of just one sin, we would do all we can to stop. If we want to get to this point in life, to where we truly detest all of our sins, we have to start by working hard with what grace and understanding we have to stop each sin since sin blocks the truth from our minds. We will never gain the grace needed to understand the realities of sin if we don’t stop at least some of our sins with the grace God has given us.

Much of the time, God has given us the grace we need to eradicate our sins, but we simply don’t have the will to stop. Sometimes, our will can be swayed by enlightenment to our sins’ consequences, awakening to our what our errors are, or even the slightest encouragement away from our sinful ways can move us to change. When we see this note of encouragement, we can stop responding to impulse and think while using discipline, to remove our laziness and self-love, when making our choices. Then we will do what is necessary to change. There are many things we can do to obtain motivation to stop the wrong and choose the good. But this sticky note is a good start. We can use these or make our own and place them on the things we do outside of moderation or that are just plain sinful. This is something so simple but it can work, if we are serious and want to change.

For example: if we over eat place one on our frig, if we waste time with the TV, internet, video games, cell phone, etc. place a note one on those devices, if we rest too much place one on our pillow, if we look into the mirror too much place one there too. Find ways to stop our sins; make honest resolutions, then implement them and change. This slight help can give us that reminder, many of us can use, to get us to “think” so we don’t respond to habit or the impulses of our heart. Then, if we really want to change, we can stop, pray and ask God what He wants us to do and do it. Now, clothed with grace and discipline, we can make a conscience thoughtful decision to amend our life of sin. We won’t close our eyes to that crime and silently relish in the delight that sin brings, but rather with God’s help and our free will, we will choose to CHANGE.

If we had something important in life to do, and we wanted to be certain we wouldn’t forget, if it was really important, we would see to it we remembered and did it. Removing our sins that offend God whom we are supposed to love and keep us from salvation is REALLY IMPORTANT too. We need to have the same attitude with sin that we have with any other really important endeavors. We need to do all we can to stop. We don’t only have to use prayer to help us, we can ask our family and friends to help enlighten us to our sins and help encourage us when we are doing the same wrong thing over and over again. Much of the time, we are more concerned about what others think about us than God so get others involved in helping us towards salvation. Tell them what sins you are trying to amend and have them help you to stop too. If the fear of sinning in front of others is a greater motivation than sinning in front of God, and that concern motivates you to change, that is still good. Of course, it is not the greatest good since we should change out of love for God, but no matter why we stop sin, some of the negative consequences (great blindness) will stop too and help move our souls into one day stopping for the right reasons.

We truly need to do more. We must change.

  • 25 – 3″ x 3″ sticky note reminders

Don’t do it!

Mother Mary pray for us.



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sticky note reminders

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