A Life of Joy is Waiting for You


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Nobody should be suffering without hope and outside of peace. God wants to help us, and this book will show you how to utilize all of God’s assistance so a real life of joy can be yours in every circumstance of your life.

God’s Mercy is waiting for us. Our Lord wants us to be happy and free from the despair and anxiety we live. Only one thing keeps us from living a perfect life of joy and peace, and that is sin. It is true. Our sin is what destroys our life of joy and ruins our wonderful relationship with God and others.

Proverbs 29:18 says, “Happy are those who keep [obey] the law [the Word].” It is by obeying the Word that we find true happiness. Do we believe? Or, have we become convinced worldly pleasure, which delivers only temporary happiness, is the way to a really great life? Do we keep on striving to do things our way and not the Lord’s, thinking somehow this time things will improve? Why do we reject God’s plan or do we know we even do such a thing? Do we shun suffering and run from our crosses, thinking our trials are the cause of our despair? Have we forgotten God calls us to “pick up our cross [suffering/challenges] and follow Me [trust and obey Him]” (cf. Mark 8:34)? Truly, perfect happiness is only found through loving God by obedience to His Word. “The godly are happy” (Psalm 68:3).

If you are experiencing anything outside of peace, all of the time, that is a sign you can improve. But you might not know where you have gone wrong, how to fix it, or what God really desires from you, and without this knowledge a life of peace, all of the time, isn’t possible. Fear not, because this book will open your mind, eyes and heart to everything you need to know so a life of God’s peace can flourish within you.


Paperback book – 215 pgs.

Volume discounts available for $1.00 each if ordering 75 or more books. (Book cover is printed with a single color instead of full color). life-of-joy-one-color Contact us via email for ordering: contact@LiftingOurValues.com


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