How to Fall in Love with God


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Our relationship with God doesn’t need to be little or non-existent. We all can have a deep pining love for God. If you have ever fallen in love with someone, you know what it is like to burn with love. The non-stop thinking about and craving to talk or be with your heart’s desire that happens with human relationships, can happen with God too. Oh, remember that new love experience, that all consuming love which melts your heart. Well, that is available from God, and it’s even better! Prayer time will fly by. You will want to schedule all of your free time to be with Him, and you will wish you had more. Your conversations will be more fulfilling than any human relationship and even silence will transcend anything one can obtain with any worldly pleasure. From the moment you wake up to the moment you rest, your mind will be delighting on God.
Loneliness or longing for affection will be a thing of the past as you want for nothing but to serve/love God perfectly. When contemplating God’s wonders, a continuous smile of joy will be shown on your face. This love, instead of it fading over time like most human relationships, God offers a love that can grow and grow and grow. Sure there will be highs and lows, as God teaches you how to release everything to His will and trust completely in Him, but unlike human relationships, it has no end.
How to Fall in Love with God takes you on a real life journey of how the author found a deep, meaningful love experience with God. You will discover how she meet God, got to know Him and fell deeply in Love. Discover how her heart burned with Love as she grew closer to Him. How to Fall in Love with God allows you to share her experiences and demonstrates how you can implement her life choices into your own life to find the incredible love God has waiting for you too!


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