God Wants You in Heaven


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There is such a tragic loss of life. Souls are dying since most people have forgotten it is by the forgiveness of our sins alone that we are saved. The presumption of salvation has consumed us and left most of us unaware of the requirements of salvation. We live lives assuming we are good people thinking all of our prayers, devotions and works will save us. However, we are saved by grace and lost by just one unrepentant sin. Those pious (religious) things we do are good, but we are only saved by a humble contrite heart since only the humble (knows ones sinfulness) contrite (truly sorry we have committed them) heart can accept God’s saving mercy. God’s mercy alone saves us. And when we don’t learn how to obtain true sorrow for our offences, we unknowingly reject God’s saving love because we are blinded by our pride.

We can go to Church daily, receive the Eucharist, frequent confession, pray, have devotions, and do much work for the needy, yet if we never learn how to correctly gain true contrition for each and every one of our offences against God, all of our “good” we have done will be in vain because we are still rejecting God’s sanctifying grace from our unrepentant sins. What a tragedy! We need to learn the Way. God’s mercy is waiting to teach us and help us obtain it.

Those prayers, works and devotions should move our souls into perfect contrition (sorrow) for our sins so we can accept God’s saving mercy. But sadly, from our pride, most never leave our state of presuming we are saved by being “good.” As a result, we never look into our souls to truly know–as the saints say, “the magnitude of atrocities we commit daily”—(St.    ) against our beloved Lord whom we should be deeply sorry for having offended and become firmly resolved to never commit again. We never develop true humility or a horror for sin. The evil one has caught our pride and left us blind to our sinfulness and removed our sincere desire to stop sinning and true love for God. We have lost sight of what loving God really is.

We might ask for forgiveness but for most of us, from our still lack true contrition, no forgiveness is received. True contrition is almost never spoken about, yet that is the sole ingredient needed for salvation. The devil has confused us greatly and our priorities are all wrong. We simply don’t know what true sorrow is, or how to obtain it. We need to learn what false sorrow is, and how to grow from no sorrow, to a little sorrow, into a truly sorrowful heart for each and every offence we commit for the salvation of our souls. Without learning how to sincerely love God and gain true contrition for our sins, we will be lost forever.

Lifting Our Values has created a book in a simple question and answer method of instruction that uses the Word, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Canon Law, and the teachings of the Saints to correctly guide us to the Way. This book is for everyone. Each question is simply worded and provides both a simple and more complete answer. Children and adults alike can enjoy the brief answer to questions we need to know, while the more thorough answer can broaden our understanding of the subject. The questions and answers in this book are for anyone who desires Eternal Life and wants to know how to obtain it.

Please buy this book for your family, friends and Church or download it for free and share it on the web. Please be disciples and go save souls. God wants His children in Heaven.

“The want of [lack of] proper examination, true contrition [perfect sorrow], and a firm purpose of amendment [the desire to change–sin no more], is the cause of bad confessions, and the ruin of souls.”
– St. Benedict Joseph Labre


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