God Wants You in Heaven
invitation card


2″ x 6″ inspirational card

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2″ x 6″ Invitation Card to invite people to the saving faith with an optional custom Church web address added to bottom of card if desired. A minimum of 500 is needed for free customization.
This card belongs to the “God Wants You in Heaven” church series. click here to see rest of the series.

Go out into the whole world and evangelize. We must GO TO THE PEOPLE and bring them the saving message of the Gospel. Some people shrink at the mere thought of evangelization, as other faiths go door-to-door, or even car-to-car, to give out faith enriching materials. The Holy Spirit inspires everyone in different ways, and there is much we in the Catholic Church can learn from how other Christian faiths evangelize and teach. I am in no way suggesting we modernize the Mass, or take anything away from the sacred traditions of the Church. What I am suggesting, however, is that we can—and should—put into practice the effective communication skills other faiths are using.
The other faiths might not have the full saving truth of the Catholic Church handed down by the apostles, help from the saints, the Mother of God’s intercession (prayers), or the sheer magnitude of God’s grace we receive in the magnificent sacraments which leads us to salvation. Yet, if some of them did, they would soar to great heights of holiness, as they are striving much more intensely to try to live the Word than, sadly, many Catholics do. They are simply misguided, and need us to love them enough to bring them—who are humble enough to hear—the true, saving Gospel in the Catholic Church. Nonetheless, many from other faiths are evangelizing in wonderful ways. We need to humble ourselves to see the good they have done, and are continuing to do, so we can do it too. And along using the best means possible to go to the people and proclaiming the full saving truth of the Catholic faith, God can perform great wonders through us when we go out to spread the Word in every way we can.
Let’s not wait for the people to come to us—they are dying and souls are being lost daily. We need to go to them. Please do everything you can to develop a Missionary Ministry within your parish, and regularly go out to evangelize the people in your community and even in your own church as many with in the Church still don’t know the Way. Bring the needy the words of salvation; God is depending on us. Also, please distribute these cards—or any of Lifting Our Value’s educational materials—at community events (fairs, picnics, parties, etc.), or even when you are helping someone in need or visiting the sick. Everything we do, every event we participate in, every ministry we serve in out of love for our neighbor, can be an opportunity to educate, enlighten, and evangelize. Some people are so weak in their faith, and need constant motivation to remain inspired to change and we can be there for them. We can teach others what is needed for salvation, the great need for God’s mercy, and the truth that can only be found in the Catholic Church. Nothing is of greater importance.


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invitation card

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