Praying for Priests
Prayer Kit


Start a prayer group at your Church


Our magnificent priests, which the Lord has chosen to guide us to salvation, are constantly being attacked by Satan, and we the people need to be running to their side to help.
It needs to be with great seriousness and fervency that we pray consistently, with all of our hearts and souls, for our priests and the whole Church. We are the mystical Body of Christ and are required to provide them spiritual support, through prayers, for our priests who are being viciously and constantly attacked by Satan and his demons. Holy priests are such a threat to Satan, he will stop at nothing in his attempts to bring one down. What are we doing to help? This great responsibility we have must not be ignored. The priests need us! God wants to use our prayers to sanctify their souls and build up His Church.
This prayer kit comes with instructions on how to start a successful prayer group from recruiting to developing, teaching and growing as well as keeping your members motivated. Everything, except for the sample prayer and greeting cards and notebook, is available for free to download in .pdf format.
Starter pack of prayer cards
1 – set of instructions
1 – pocket sized (3 ¼” W x 4 ¼” H) spiral notebook (to create a daily prayer list)
10 – Pray for our priests prayer cards
10 – Pray for vocations prayer cards


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Prayer Kit

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