Are You Loving God
bumper sticker


3″ x 11.5 bumper sticker

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People have forgotten about what is needed for eternal life.Only acknowledging “Jesus as Lord” doesn’t keep God’s saving grace within ourselves. It is only by having a true faith, a faith that really LOVE’S GOD which will save; one that loves God the way our Lord told us we must love Him as written in the Word. Without God’s children looking into themselves to see if they are truly loving God, they will never have the opportunity to repent and change and all will be lost for eternity.
Inspire the world to love God, by questioning them to look into their actions to see if they are actually loving God or themselves. When we proclaim the Gospel, God can work through us to save souls…our purpose for our life.

Are You LOVING GOD   …With Your ACTIONS?
Smaller text (for people walking by):
“Eternal Salvation for those who OBEY HIM” -Hebrews 6:9
3″ x 11.5″ vinyl bumper sticker


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bumper sticker

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