Pray for our Priests
prayer cards


3.5″ x 2″ inspirational/educational card

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Front: Pray for our Priests

Back: Lord, may your precious blood which pours out of your sacred head cover the priests of your Church and make them holy.

Blessed Mother, Pray for the sanctification of our priests.
Pray, fast, and sacrifice for the priesthood.

Much Prayer is Needed

Holy priests are such a threat to Satan, he will go to no end to attempt to bring down a priest. There needs to be much prayer and understanding for the battle they endure daily. What are we doing to help? We are a holy body of Christ and we are required to provide spiritual support, through prayers, for each other. Such a responsibility we have must not be ignored. The priests need us. God wants to use our prayers to sanctify their souls. Be a disciple of Christ and encourage others to pray daily for our priests.


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prayer cards

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